Monday, April 26, 2010


"Good mor-------" *Sounds of air hissing, a throat-clearing cough, and more hissing*

I'm surprised the callers to my phone at work today have thusfar managed to decipher my Parseltongue, despite the fact that I got sniggered at by one of them.

*Hiss hiss hiss* Oh, I feel so sexy.


Yep, I decided to pop by and wipe some virtual spiderwebs off this site since I have temporarily lost one of two manners of communication.

I have started a new position earlier this month, and its located at SGX Centre. So far, the location and environment and salary are nothing I will complain about :) Alas, nothing is perfect; They do not have enough headcounts at the moment, so I am lacking in some of the benefits.

Well, I'm sure all things work out in the end, so I'll just see how this goes.

So anyway, work aside, my social life has been rather status quo for the past few months, and I'm not sure why I'm not particular urgent about changing that, seeing that the number of guys I had gone out with during the last 3 years has been pathetically scarce, but I am.

I suppose it is because the disappearance of Strawberry since February had not only hurt a little, but also hit a sore spot - He was just like R, who started having doubts, and latched on to the out that I softheartedly present to them, and then disappeared without a trace.

It had hurt because... I thought they respected me.

Turns out, I'm just wrong as usual.

But I'm... me. And me being me, I've shrugged that off with a "Shit happens" and I'm now looking forward to the next encounter with a fiesty grin on my face.

Welcome... to JenxGeR's Most Excellent Adventures.


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