Friday, November 20, 2009

I DON'T believe it!

The second last time I lost my wallet, it was over 3 years ago, and amazingly enough, a construction worker was the one who picked it up, and he returned it personally to my home.

The last time I lost my BAG, it was last Saturday night, at a house party for a friend of a friend's birthday party. Someone went through our bags and picked mine.

With that in mind, who woulda thought I have any chance of retrieving it, when it was obviously not a spur of the moment thing but with that purpose in mind?

Then I had to drop my phone the other day and the LCD screen is now shot. All in all, with the stress from my new workplace(yes, I'm working for R right now), I thought I've had a really, really suay month, but NO, it's actually not that bad, after all!

SOMEONE MAILED MY BAG BACK TO ME!!! WITH ALL INTACT, BUT THE CASH! I'm flabbergasted. Speechless. And totally overjoyed.

Finally there's somebody up there who took pity on me and realise I've had a shitty enough life.

Thank you.  <3


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